• Stop"Zombie Screen Time" For You and Your Family!!

    JOIN US for the 7 Day “Don’t Be A Screen Zombie” Coaching Challenge!



    • Stop arguing over electronics!
    • Strengthen essential self-management skills.
    • Empower and affirm - don't shame and blame.
    • Free up precious time to enjoy as a family!


    • Powerful "How To" Video & Daily Coaching Emails
    • Parent Planning Template & Daily Progress Checklist
    • "Before" and "After" Snapshot Assessments
    • Closed Facebook Support Group
    • And more....


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  • Is your family's

    Screen Time

    turning you into

    "Screen Zombies"?

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    Stop fighting!

    Get your kids

    OFF the electronics &

    ON with their lives!

  • Want to slash your family's mindless screen time?

    So much competes for our precious family time these days. Mindless screen time is one of the big bad time-suck villains! Arguments happen, stress builds, relationships suffer, and your daily lives can grind to a halt.


    The 7 Day "Don't Be A Screen Zombie" Coaching Challenge slays that time-sucking villain! It supports you and your family in creating mindful screen habits to increase family connection and fun, and decrease stress and the battle of wills.

    The "Don't Be A Screen Zombie" Coaching Challenge helps you and your loved ones:

    • Stop arguing over electronics! Together, you create and use a plan for stress-free screen time.
    • Develop a greater awareness of how easily electronics can suck your time and energy.
    • Model and help each other strengthen essential self-management skills.
    • Make Accountability empowering and affirming - not full of shaming and blaming.
    • Free up more precious time to enjoy together as a family!
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    Don't Be A Screen Zombie - Join the Challenge Today!

    Be Brave and Unplug!

  • Look at what others are saying:

    Testimonials from satisfied clients

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    A mother of 5 and career woman shares:

    "...I now take thought in what I am exchanging my life energy for and attempt to focus on my priorities. I am much less pressured to do things because that’s the way we’ve always done it (or our parents did it) or because society dictates it."


    Nurse, Wife, Mother of 5


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    A single mom and business owner shares:

    In just two DASH Coaching sessions with Janet as my guide, her skills have turned my life around 180 degrees. I now have an organized plan and goals for my personal life and business. I am already reaping the rewards of these changes. I would highly recommend Janet to people who need perspective and a fresh vision for their lives.”


    Single Mother and Business Owner

    Zen Skin Spa of San Antonio, Texas

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    A teacher and mother of 3 shares:

    “Janet has the skills, patience and knowledge to address any parent’s situation. She will help you achieve your goals if you are willing to take part in the process.”


    Teacher, Wife, Mother of 3

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