• Here is Your

    Family Abilities Builder

    and "How to" Video!

  • Janet Bonnin shares,

    "Welcome back! Let's get down to learning the power of the FAB tool and then do the assessment!"

    Here are your next steps:


    • Take a look at your Family Abilities Builders (FAB) tool (below)
    • Watch the short "how to" video explaining it (below)

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    Family Abilities Builder Tool

    Watch the "how to" video while looking at the FAB tool!

    Family Abilities Builder Tool

    "How to" Video

    Take the time to watch and learn the power of this tool!

  • Next, do the following:

    • Click the link in your email to download and print your FAB Assessment. Give yourself time to relax and ponder your responses.
    • Need Janet to resend the email? No problem! Email her using the link at the bottom of the page.
    • Invite your spouse / partner to also do a FAB Assessment.
    • When time and energy allows, share your assessments with each other to stimulate discussion. Take a few notes of the highlights of your chat for the next time you do this assessment in a few months.
    • Each of you can identify a struggle to address, and a few simple steps forward. You may choose to each work on the issue you identified, or prioritize them and work on each together.

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